"Music is the only language that everyone understands but no one offends"

-Roland Baumgartner

Operas And Musicals

Roland Baumgartner composed numerous operas and musicals in his career. Among others, the opera "Hoffmann's Welt" , "Luther" , "The Marilyn Monroe Process", "The George Foreman Story" , "Maria Theresia", which was broadcast among others by the channel ARTE, "Sisi", ... etc. Among the greatest successes is the musical or opera "Sisi", which has been performed again and again in various variations since its premiere in 1991.

Orchestra Work


In addition to plays, operas and musicals, Roland Baumgartner has composed several symphonic works. In these Baumgartner tries to reflect the diversity of the world in the diversity of music. Some of the works are the "Missa Pacis", which was premiered in Philadelphia for the 200th anniversary of the American Constitution, the "Maria Theresa Orchestra Suite", the great piano concerto "Notre Dame", the violin concerto "Heaven Above Us", a symphony called "The Dawn" for China, 2 masses for the Vatican and many more. One of the most successful symphonic works is the "Symphonia Globalis", which was premiered at the Linz Klangwolke in front of about 100.000 spectators and has been performed internationally since then. 

Film Music

His life's work so far includes not only live music pieces but also film scores. Roland Baumgartner has composed music for the BBC, NDR, ZDF, ORF, CNN and ARCADIA TV WORLD, among others. He has also composed music for films and series such as "Jenseits der Morgenröte"(Secret of the Black Dragon), "Ali Baba" with Engelbert Humperdinck, several "Tatort", "Euro Cops", "Der Ochsenkrieg", "Mit Leib und Seele", "Jungle Warriors" and the anti-war short film "Wenn wir wieder zu Hause sind. 


Latest News!

Award for "Best Original Score" for the peace film "When we get home again" (15th of March 2024)

Award for "Best Film Score and Sound Design" at the ARFF Barcelona. 
(April 2024)

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Zustimmen & anzeigen

Recording of the Soundtrack "La Tre Vita" with full orchestra. (26th of February 2024)

Completion and first rehearsals of the musical "Dreams on the Orient Express". 28 performances have been confirmed so far. 
(15th of Jannuary 2024)